Infromation E-Cigarettes


Everyone has a habit. Some are good and some are bad. The most common habit among people is the habit of smoking cigarettes.

That’s why in the 1960′s the electronic cigarette was invented. Yes, you heard right, 1960. It seems a little unreal right, especially since they did not become popular until about 2003.

It took 40 years before an electronic cigarette to come out in the open. See, in the 1960′s smoking was a common thing. Nobody was really aware of the dangers of tobacco. Nobody really realized how harmful tobacco could be to the human body.

You could smoke just about anywhere you wanted. Bars were not the only place that people would lite one up. Restaurants, parks, and stores were all very welcoming for smokers in the 1960′s.

Today, People and doctors are more aware of the dangers and health risk that come from cigarettes. Not just for those that are smoking them, but for everyone around them. That is why when places started to slowly ban people from smoking cigarettes in public, people starting looking for other options.

People started looking for a way to continue to get the nicotine, but not put themselves and others at risk. That is when the electronic cigarettes came back into the lime light.

When Electronic cigarettes took off in 2003, they took off quick. Now today, there are millions of  places to purchase an e-cigarette like, vapor shop Albuquerque. There are even thousands of places online where you can purchase them.

E-cigarettes are known to be a safer smoking alternative. It is great for those that are trying to stop smoking because it replaces a cigarette. It gives off a cloud of vapor that makes you believe it is actual smoke.

When you take a puff from your electronic cigarette, you save your body from inhaling over 5,000 chemicals that are normally found in an everyday cigarette.

Today, more than 1 million Americans have switched from your everyday common cigarettes, to electronic cigarettes.

Vaping, Good or Bad?


A few months ago, my father and I were having a very heated discussion after a bad visit at his doctor apt. His doctor informed us that his health was slowing going down hill and the simple fact that he was a smoker was speeding up the process.

Yes, smoking is bad. Everyone knows this, including my father. But being 57 years old and stuck in his own ways, he replied the same way most dominate males do when they are told not to do something they have been doing their whole life. His reply; “I gotta die some how, why not die doing something I love”.

This statement alone, hit me hard like a bag of bricks. See, my wife and I just had baby that is almost a year old. This meant if my fathers health continued to do bad, that my son could potentially grow up without his grandfather.

What he didnt understand is there are a numerous amount of other health problems that comes with smoking. Things such as lung cancer.

With the thought of my son not really knowing his grandfather in the back of my head, I began to look for solutions to the problem. Something that may not be able to fix his spiraling health, but possibly slow it down.

That is when I came across vapor shop corpus christi. It seemed as if my prayers had been answered and my fathers smoking situation was being put into the light. This place showed me the best all around smoking alternates.

They had the best places to purchase from and reviews of people that have already bought from them. The reviews are what really made the decision for my wife and I to purchase one for my father.

They were very detailed and enlightened us on the things we needed to know.

After a lot of begging and a little persuasion, we finally convinced him to try it. To his surprise, he liked it. And after a little time, two packs of cigarettes became one and one became half. He slowly started pulling away, replacing each puff with an e-cig.

Today I am proud to say that my father is a NON SMOKER! It took time, patience and persuading, but it was something he wanted and something we wanted for him.

We really couldn’t have done if if we hadn’t ran into  the best vapor store around, Corpus Christi.

5 of the Deadliest Diseases Worldwide


Around the world, there are many different ways to be sick, but some are definitely worse than others.  Here are the top 10 diseases that you don’t ever want to be diagnosed with.

Cancers of the Lung, Bronchus, and Trachea

Most of the time, these diseases are triggered by exposure to smoke and other particulate matters, such as chronic exposure to fine dust and asbestos.  It is the deadliest cancer that affects both men and women.


Everyone hates mosquitoes, but in tropical climates where malaria is common, they really can be the death of you.  Going into the tropics or sub-tropics unprepared (where the disease creates anywhere from 300 to 500 million cases a year) can get you a case of it and the symptoms may not even show for up to a year after exposure.


Tuberculosis is a gangsta and it don’t play.  Everything that you hate about having the flu, TB has.  Everything from fever, fatigue, sweating, loss of weight, mucous, etc is present and the worst thing about it is that it can spread to other organs besides just the lungs.  The high risk factors for TB are being an infant, being elderly, or having a compromised immune system.

Diarrheal Diseases

Okay, so diarrhea can’t be that bad, you say?  I hate to break it to you, but one of the number one causes of death in third world countries are diseases that cause diarrhea.  It dehydrates the body, but even if you replenish the water lost, you haven’t replenished the lost electrolytes and that’s a problem.


HIV has been around since the 1980′s and it’s one disease that we’ve been struggling to find a cure for since its debut.  The virus weakens the immune system to the point that even a common cold can become deadly.  There is no available cure for HIV/AIDs.

The Most Common Prescriptions In The US


The statistics aren’t exactly encouraging when it comes to our overall health as a nation, but the facts are that 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription medication and over 50% are taking 2.  Move up to 5 prescriptions and it’s a whopping 20% of the population.  The largest portion of those prescriptions are those prescribed for chronic illnesses and for pain.

The top 5 prescriptions as of 2011 are:

Hydrocodone/acetaminophen – When you hear someone talking about pain pills, they’re more than likely talking about the prescription drug hydrocodone.  It’s a narcotic analgesic and has the ability to relieve pain through the nervous system.  It’s the most common prescription that people become addicted to and long term usage must be carefully monitored.

Levothyroxine sodium - A drug used to treat hypothyroidism; also used to treat thyroid cancer.

Simvastatin – This is used to treat high cholesterol and when prescribed, usually has some sort of diet changes recommended along with it. It’s also capable of assisting in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

Lisinopril – This is a medication used to treat high blood pressure.  What it mainly does is block the chemicals that cause the tightening of blood vessels.  Can be used to treat heart failure.

Amlodipine besylate – Another medication used to treat high blood pressure.  It can be used by itself or along with other medications and can be used to treat chest pains.

OTC Drug Marketing Terms Explained


Everyone buys OTC medications, but some of the terminology appearing on the packaging of those medications can be a little confusing to some consumers.  Different terms may sound like they mean close to the same thing, but can be interpreted differently depending on who is purchasing the drug.

Extra Strength – This means that the drug has more of the active ingredient than other formulations of the product, but exactly how much more of it can vary depending on the brand.

All Day or 24 Hour – The phrase “all day” can be open to interpretation; for some people, “all day” may mean 4 to 6 hours and to others, it could be 8 to 12.  “24 hour” should mean a full 24 hours, but this can vary depending on how the person taking it reacts to the dosage and the drug itself.

Non-Drowsy – Non-drowsy formulations are good for people whose symptoms are already dragging them down, since night time or PM formulations can exacerbate that problem.  But, make no mistake, non-drowsy formulas won’t help keep you awake.

PM or “Night time” formulas – If you’re having trouble sleeping due to the symptoms of illness, that’s where these come in.  If you just want to go to sleep and aren’t actually sick, these should be skipped, as that isn’t what they are designed for.

No matter what you take, however, make sure you’re taking it for the right reasons and using it as the manufacturer intended.


Teva Pharmaceutical Loses FDA Lawsuit Over Copaxone

Syringe Ready For Injection With A Drop Of Liquid

As if anyone would be surprised by this, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries just lost their lawsuit against the FDA over their superstar drug Copaxone.

It is used to treat multiple sclerosis (MS) and to prevent the relapse of MS and while it can treat the condition and cause relapses to occur less often, it cannot cure it.  It is a combination of 4 amino acids and is taken by injection.

The drug currently makes up over half of the company’s revenue since it was first approved by the FDA back in 1997, so generic versions of the drug becoming available after the expiration of the patent could potentially cripple the company financially over the long term… if not for the company’s announcement concerning 3 new drugs this year.

The three new drugs the company is releasing are: Zecuity, a migraine patch; Adasuve, an inhaled powder used to treat schizophrenia; and  and DuoResp Spiromax, an asthma inhaler.

The company also has 15 drugs going through Phase 3 clinical trials and will attempt to cut costs and create organic growth through 2014.